in this thread we will clear up some points regarding our newest feature called @Leechbar.

What is the Leechometer?

It basically displays your forum behavior in a little progress bar. The Leechbar is a very complex system that gathers multiple informations from your user profile, which we wont reveal in detail.
But to give you a little feeling how complex it actually is: uploading a profile picture instead of using the default avatar has a positive affect on your Leechbar. But that's not the only thing, there are many more datas that are collected by the Leechometer.

What happens if my bar is red and maxed to the end?

Once you hit the point where your Leechbar gives you a full, red bar, you will receive a last warning PM to let you know you have 3 days to change your posting behavior and lower your Leechometer level. If you don't do so within these days, the Leechbar will automatically ban you permanently from the community.

How can I lower my Leechometer level?

Pretty simple - by contributing to the community. Think about giving something back. Whether it's some accounts, a tutorial you've found somewhere or an eBook that you've bought recently. Or start participating in discussions in different sub forums. Don't just post to unlock hidden content. Doing so will get you banned eventually, trust me. The Leechometer will catch everyone.

The Leechometer is still a first version which needs some more tweaking and explanation. During the next weeks we will push multiple updates live and also make your own level visible in your usercp.

Thanks for the continuous support,